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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Information on July EOCs and SB 149

As a reminder, SB 149 allows students to use the TSI exam and one of the substitute assessments. Here are some guidelines if you have students who qualify:

1. To use TSI ELA to substitute for English 2 EOC, students must be proficient on both the Reading and the Writing portions of TSI.

2. To use TSI Math to substitute for Algebra I EOC, students must be proficient on the Math portion of TSI.

3. This applies to Juniors and Seniors as of this school year 2014-15. So look through both classes to find these students as you prepare for July Retest

4. Students must take the assessment once as their initial test and they MUST take a retest before you can use this as a substitute assessment.

Example 1: Student still needs a passing score on the Algebra I EOC and took it in their freshman year and is now a junior (cohort of 2016). They’ve sat for the original test in their freshman year and the retests during their sophomore and junior year. They have scored proficient on the Math portion of the TSI. This July they do not need to retest, you will bubble “Substitute Assessment” on their answer document. They no longer need to retest.

Example 2: A student takes the English 2 assessment as a senior this year for the first time and took the English 2 exam in the spring of 2015 but did not pass. This student took the TSI ELA and scored proficient on Reading and Writing. This student must be given an opportunity to retest this summer in the July administration before you can code the “Substitute Assessment”.

5. This provision ONLY works for the Algebra I and English 2 exams. No other EOCs can have the TSI applied to them.

6. Be sure to keep documentation in the students records for the use of this provision since it is set to expire in 2017.

7. You will comb through your testing in December this way as well.

8. Encourage students who are Juniors and Seniors to inform their counselor of their TSI performance.

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