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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

studentGPS® Dashboards

The above link will take you to a short 5 minute overview of the 
Student Dashboard

How will the studentGPS Dashboards benefit my district?

  1. The dashboards will flag emerging issues such as problems in attendance, class work, and test performance as early as possible.
  2. These early warning flags will help teachers adjust their instruction to reverse negative academic trends.
  3. The student GPS Dashboards will provide instant access to analyzed data, instead of requiring requests to a data analyst for ad hoc reports.
  4. Loading dashboard data to TSDS is strictly optional. Local education agencies (LEAs--Texas school districts and charter schools) have no obligation to use the Dashboard Data Mart (DDM) or the studentGPS Dashboards. However, they provide a rich, sophisticated, empirical approach to teaching that help schools, classes, and individual students get more from their educational opportunities.
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