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Friday, September 11, 2015

TPEIR Public Reports

What is the TPEIR?

The Texas P-20 Public Education Information Resource is a longitudinal data warehouse that links students from pre-K through enrollment and graduation from Texas colleges (P-20). It is managed by TEA in partnership with the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board.

In addition to 20+ years of P-12 and higher education data from Texas colleges and universities and information on teacher certification and teacher preparation programs, the warehouse has been expanded to link critical missing pre-kindergarten, college readiness, and workforce (wage, industry, and employment) data.

TPEIR allows for the analysis of student data from the enrollment into the public education system through matriculation and graduation from Texas colleges and into the labor market.

As such, Texas has the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of P-12 programs based on how well they prepare students to contribute to the 21st-century workforce.
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