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Monday, November 30, 2015

Big Changes from the Legislature

TSDS users will be seeing a number of changes over the next year in response to new legislation passed by the Texas State Legislature: 

New Prekindergarten Programs

The state is providing financial incentives to LEAs to enact or expand prekindergarten programs (HB4). In return the legislature is requiring additional program data to ensure that these programs meet quality standards and to track how effective prekindergarten education is improving later educational outcomes. Prekindergartens will submit their new data through TSDS in 2016-17.

Other Changes

In addition, bills that revise graduation requirements (SB 149), decriminalize truancy (HB 2398), and change how the length of a school year is calculated (HB 2610), among others, will require updates to TSDS PEIMS in the upcoming year.

Region 14 TSDS Champions will keep you posted on the latest updates.
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