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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

TSDS Update November 10, 2016

Known Issues

Release date: 11/18/2016

PEIMS - PDM1-111-003 Class Size by Staff & Service ID
               Report is not displaying all data as expected.

Release Date: 2/3/2017
PEIMS - The following edit rule is firing incorrectly for professional staff with an ESC-SSA Staff Indicator Code of '2' and Fund Code of '459':


The TEDS post-addendum 2014.A2.2 was published on Monday, November 14, 2016. The addendum contains minor changes to TEDS Section 4: C022 Excerpt and Section 5: Business Rules & Validations. Please refer to the Change Log for more information.

TEDS Section 10

Updates have been posted to the following Section 10 documents:

  • Early Childhood Data System
  • ECDS Collection Template version 1.9
Users can access the documents from the TSDS website.

Upcoming TSDS Software Release - Friday, November 18th 6:00 pm

ECDS Update

I know you have been patiently waiting for information. Well ------we have to be patient a little longer. I attended a webinar yesterday and will try to sum up what I learned. 

  1.   November 18, 2016 - TSDS Conversion & Validation Tool Update
  2.   January 17, 2017 – ESC Training on ECDS Part 1, Intro to ECDS and Template Converter and Validation Tool
  3.     February 6, 2017 – The day the software goes into production
  4.      February 7, 2017 – ESC Training on ECDS Part 2, ECDS Prepare and Finalize
  5.      Kinder and Public PreK will submit Commissioner approved assessments via the spreadsheet
  6.   August 17, 2017 – ECDS Submission Due Date

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Update November 10, 2016

A TSDS Software release was done on November 9, 2016. The release included an update to the following Delete Utility function to correct an issue where student Title I Part A records were not being deleted:

  • Delete PEIMS Fall - LEA
TEA Education Agency Mantenance

TEA performs regularly scheduled maintenance each Sunday from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm.  During that timeframe there is no access to any TEA application and any scheduled DTU loads will not be processed.