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Monday, March 6, 2017

TSDS ECDS (Early Childhood Data System) Update

Just wanted to keep all my wonderful people in the loop. There have been no trainings at the ESC for you guys yet! Summer PEIMS must be uploaded into the eDM before we can upload our ECDS exchanges. I will be having webinars and face to face trainings at the ESC.

I have been studying the spreadsheet and at the bottom I am posting the link to the spreadsheet and TEDS. You will notice a lot of the information we submitted last year will be submitted through the Summer PEIMS submission. Most of our districts use ISIP or TPRI for Pre-K and Kinder assessments. Whatever you use for Kinder, go ahead and download your assessments. Take a look at your spreadsheet and your download and see what matches. I will send out a notification for a webinar soon.

TSDS ECDS Deadline is August 17th.

Link to TSDS ECDS Template and TEDS

Thursday, February 16, 2017

ECDS Update - February 16, 2017


ECDS Kindergarten Collection

The prepare funcionality for the Kindergarten collection is now enabled. Pleaase be sure that your district has loaded their PEIMS Summer data and TSDS Kinder Assessment data into the ODS before running the prepare function.

Public and Private Pre-K Collections

The 2016-2017 ECDS Public and Private Pre-K preate functionality and reports are currently disabled. They will be re-enabled after quality assurance checks habe been performed.

The ECDS Kindergarten and Prekindergarten To the Administrator Addressed Letter (TAA) has been published. Please click the link below for more information.


Validation Tool

The TSDS Validation Tool has been updated to version 3.64. Please download this latest version or update directly through the application's Help menu.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Known Issues Report


PDM2-100-001 Actual Expenditures by Function

Inactive campuses are displaying on the report, lhowever there is no data is being reported for these campuses.

LEAs are not receiving an email notification when their submission is accepted by the ESC.

The ECDS TAA Letter was sent to administrators on February 6, 2017.
Link to ECDS TAA Letter

In your TSDS Portal there are three new articles:

ECDS: General FAQ's - TSDSKB-249
ECDS: Assessment FAQ's - TSDSKB-254
ECDS: General FAQ's for ECDS Private Pre-K - TSDSKB-453

TSDS Software Release
Friday, February 10, 2017, 6:00 pm

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Known Issues Report As Of January 30, 2017

Validation Tool

The Validation Tool is incorrectly validating the following data elements in the Summer PEIMS
Master Schedule Interchange:
The eDM is not affected by this issue and will validate correctly
 when uploading the interchange into the ODS.                              
Release Date - 2/10/2017

eDM/Validation Tool

The following data elements in the Student Discipline Interchange currently do not allow leading

Release Date - 2/10/2017


The following edit rule is incorrectly reporting no data for Object Code 6212 when data does exist:

 20032-0009 MDYR                                                                    
Release Date - 2/10/2017


The following edit rule has been downgraded to a Special Warning:

 40100-0069 SUMR                                                                                
 Release Date - 2/10/2017


The following edit rule is not working as expected and has been downgraded to a Special Warning:

42405-0030 SUMR
Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM3-130-009 Attendance by District of Residence

Gifted and Talented counts for Submission 1 and Re-submission do not match.
Release Date -  2/10/2017

PDM3-404-001 Duplicate Students by Attendance

Some students are misidentified as having duplicate
 attendance when they have attendance at another LEA.
Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM3-114-002 Teacher Class Summary Teachers are displaying for multiple campuses.
Release Date  2/10/2017

PDM3-113-001 Student Class Schedule

Inactive campuses are displaying on report.
Release Date - 2/10/2017

The following edit rule is not working as expected for the 2015- 2016 school year:
42400-0037 FALL

This rule has been removed from Data Standards for the 2016-
 2017 school year.                                                                                  
 Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM3-120-004 Disaggregation of PEIMS Summer Attendance Data

Individual Graduation Committee Review counts are incorrect.
 Migrant counts are incorrect.                                                            
Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM3-610-002 Statement of Unique ID Staff Discrepancies Report is not grouping Major and Minor 
 Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM4-600-002 TSDS PEIMS Statement of Unique ID Student Discrepancies

Campus report
When a student does not have a UID in the UID system no
 student data is displayed.                                                               
Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM4-600-003 TSDS PEIMS Student Ethnicity/Race/Gender Submission Totals

 Student Discrepancies totals are incorrect.                                       
 Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM4-600-001 Daily District Person Submission Totals (Student Discrepancies)

Students with both Major and Minor discrepancies are being
 counted twice on the report.                                                               
Release Date - 2/10/2017

PDM3-134-004 Title I Part A Participation Roster
Totals are incorrect.
 Release Date - 2/10/2017

Contracted Instructional Staff by PIC is displaying incorrect totals.
Release Date - 2/10/2017

The following edit rule is firing incorrectly for professional staff with an ESC-SSA Staff 
Indicator Code of '2' and Fund Code of '459':
30060-0043 FALL
Release Date - 2/10/2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

TSDS Update January 10, 2017


I will be going to trainings this month and will turn those around as soon as I can. I will be holding trainings and webcasts.

The 2016-2017 ECDS Conversion and Validation Tool is available on the TSDS/TEAL site under Support.

Please download versions 3.62. Before you download the newest version, delete your older version from you PC or Mac.

eDM Error Dictionary

eDM errors can now be searched from within the TSDS Knowledge Base. To search for eDM errors, you can use the heat map on your TIMS dashboard or the quick search function.


The TSDS PEIMS 2016-2017 Fall Resubmission  due date is January 19, 2017. 

January 6, 2017 Software Release Notes:


  • The following new PEIMS report has been added:
    • PDM1-120-018 Student Foundation High School Program Graduate Roster
  • The following PEIMS report has been updated to fix an issue where it was failing when run:
    • PDM1450-001 Shared Services Arrangement Data
  • The following PEIMS report has been updated to fix an issue where staff with identical names were being omitted from the report:
    • PDM1-110-007 Payroll Information By Program Intent Codes 21 Thru 25
  • The following PEIMS report has been updated to fix an issue where the report displayed no data when run by individually selecting campuses:
    • PDM1-600-002 Statement of Unique ID Student Discrepancies

Friday, January 6, 2017

TSDS Update January 6, 2017

PEIMS Known Issues

PDM1-124-002 Dropout Roster

When running the report by individually selecting each campus, the report returns "No Data to Report" even when there is data. The work around is to select the "All Campuses" Parameter.  TBD

TSDS Software Release on December 28, 2016

TSDS PEIMS Validation Rules

The following rules were corrected and are now performing as expected:

  • 41163-0002
  • 41163-0004
TSDS PEIMS Application
  • Invalid campuses were removed from the organization tables for the 2016-2017 school year.
Operational Data Store (ODS)
  • Invalid Service IDs were revoced from the ODS for the 2016-2017 school year.
The TSDS PEIMS 2016-2017 Fall Resubmission due date is January 19, 2017. 
NOTE:  TSDS PEIMS Fall Submission does not include a Fatal validation rule to force a Title I indicator code for all students. Please review your Title I Program reports for an accurate representation of the students parcipation in the Title I Program. 

Reports PDM1-120-012 Student Indicator Report by Grade and PDM1-120-009 TSDS PEIMS Disaggregation of PEIMS Student Data would be good sources to verify Title I Indicator data. '0' is a valid code.